Kairos Public Schools Foundations Academy Home

Who We Are

Welcome to Kairos Foundations Academy! Through implementation of a rigorous, standards-based educational program with high expectations of all stakeholders – students, parents/guardians, staff – Kairos Public Schools is committed to instilling a life-long love of learning to prepare its students for an indeterminate future and lay the foundation for success at the most prestigious four-year colleges, universities, and beyond.
  • Civic Engagement
  • Effective Communicators
  • Critical Thinkers & Self-Motivated Learners

Our Mission

Kairos Foundations raises our youngest generation to build skills and community for future learning.


About Us

1.     Kairos Public School’s Foundations Academy is a classroom-based TK-5th grade program of students willing to meet the challenges of a rigorous, integrated academic curriculum. The program offers moderate class sizes and a hands-on approach to learning, including design thinking, instructional technology, field experiences, community service, parent participation and a sports program. Students also take an active role in creating projects and reflecting on their own learning.